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What's H2Overhaul?

Did you know that your lawn is the biggest water consumer at your house? The best way you can save is to transform some of that grass into a water-wise landscape.

Thornton Water and the Center for Resource Conservation are working together to help water customers learn the dirt on converting at least 200 square feet of their lawns. The first 50 approved Thornton Water customers will receive an H2Overhaul Toolkit including free water-wise plants and a starter kit to convert a spray irrigation zone into a drip zone.

How To Participate

Any water customer can collect hints and tips from Thornton Water to tackle their own H2Overhaul project. To receive the 2017 H2Overhaul Toolkit, the program requirements are listed below. If the workshop is full or you’ve missed the date, email water@ThorntonWater.com to collect ideas and information on how-to transform your yard.

Step one: Register for the H2overhaul Workshop

Space is limited so click here to register or call 303-999-3820 x222

July 27, 2017 6-8 P.M.
Infrastructure Maintenance Center
12450 Washington Street
Snacks will be provided

From start to finish, this workshop will provide you with the practical knowledge and know-how to transform your yard using the 7 Principles of Water-Wise Landscaping:
  • Practical Planning and Design
  • Turf Removal
  • Water Smart Plant Selection & Placement
  • Soil Preparation
  • The Art of Mulching
  • Converting Irrigation Systems
  • Maintaining Your Landscape

    Step two: Select an Area of Grass to Transform

    Choose a minimum 200 sq. ft. area of maintained turf in your front yard to transform into a low-water landscape, snap a photo and send it in with your application for pre-approval.

    Step three: Remove and Approve

    After receiving approval, remove turf from the area and submit pictures of your work for final sign off.

    Step four: Collect Your ToolKit & Dig In

    After final approval, you can collect your free H2Overhaul Toolkit to continue and finalize your water-wise transformation.

    Growing the Water-Wise Future

    Thornton Water is developing resources to help water customers save the most water (and money) around the house. As a part of this pilot year, we will transition the knowledge we gain into additional opportunities for our community. We will keep our customers updated when new resources, workshops and videos become available. In the meantime, you can:
  • Click here to sign up for our E-Newsletter to stay on top of new fact sheets and resources
  • Text “SaveWater” to 97000 to receive month text reminders to change the minutes on your irrigation controller
  • Continue to visit ThorntonWater.com to tap into updated information
  • Like the Thornton Water Facebook page to stay up to date on new events