Every reason we love water is another reason to save it.

Water is a vital part of our everyday lives. It helps grow our food, control wildfires and keep our recreational areas healthy so we have beautiful places to play outdoors. Let’s all save and savor each drop by taking simple steps to reduce use today. (It’s pretty easy to do!)

Current Drought Status

Thornton Water Drought Stage 1

Weather, snow pack, usage and storage levels can all affect our drought status. Check here for updates and water restrictions. We’ll let you know the status and if any restrictions apply.

Thornton Watering Guide

For watering two days per week

Total minutes per zone, per watering day. We recommend Cycle & Soak when possible.
(Break watering times into three short cycles.) Reduce minutes if adding a third watering day.

Fixed Spray Nozzles Rotors Rotary Nozzles Manual Sprinklers
May 15 mins 33 mins 42 mins 23 mins
June 22 mins 48 mins 61 mins 34 mins
July 24 mins 52 mins 65 mins 36 mins
Aug 20 mins 44 mins 55 mins 31 mins
Sept 14 mins 31 mins 39 mins 22 mins

October-April: Winter Watering
During colder months snow does a good job of keeping trees, shrubs, perennials and lawns hydrated so you don’t have to. If it’s over 40 degrees and there’s no snow you can water once or twice a month.