Always thinking about water to provide you the best.

Protecting the quality, quantity, and reliable delivery of water is our 24/7/365 priority and serious responsibility. We are continually working on new ideas, plans, and projects to ensure Thornton is ready for whatever the future holds.

Drought status:

No Drought Response

Water supply and current conditions indicate that we do not need to activate the Drought Response Plan at this time. Learn more about the stages of drought and other water related information from our FAQs

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Know Thornton’s Current Water Use Rules

With about half of residential water use occurring outdoors during spring and summer months, we need to work together to use water responsibly.

Learn more details about the rules and how to follow Thornton’s Watering Guide here ».

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To immerse yourself in all things water, read Waterblogged and learn what happens behind the scenes before you ever turn the tap.

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The Value of Water