Plethora of Pollinators – Landscape Rebate Success

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When Dana and her husband bought a foreclosed home, they were ready to renovate inside and out. In October of 2017, after shaping up the inside, they started tackling the 13,000 square foot outdoor lot with 40-year overgrown junipers and thistles that towered over Dana’s head. The full-sun area, with no established irrigation system, channeled the heat with less than desirable soil for growing much of anything.

Dana researched options for transforming their recently cleared, outdoor space and found the Garden In A Box program from Resource Central. She was pleased to learn she could get a discount on low-water use plants by being a Thornton Water customer. Dana continued to dig deeper to learn more about how to create her water-wise garden using Thornton Water’s H2Overhaul Kit and then she hit the pot of gold – Thornton’s Landscape Rebate Program.

Dana could hardly believe that part of her project could be paid for by a rebate. All she had to do was take photos, create a plan, submitting her plan, materials list & design, and send pictures of her completed project. Her husband might disagree that the hardest part of the project was having the time and patience to put the plan into action since he did a lot of the heavy lifting.

Dana was successful by starting small, a 200 square foot area gave her the right amount of space to implement what she learned. She first amending the soil to help provide a nutrient rich growing environment for her new plants. Dana and her husband added a water feature to help attract a variety of pollinators to their expanding garden (300 additional square feet).

This water-wise duo overcame a few challenges along the way – learning how to deal with clay soil, creating an overhead map design that was originally covered by trees, and often feeling overwhelmed with the scale of their project. But the benefits far outweighed the challenges. The beauty of her gardens, the water savings, and the visiting wildlife such as hummingbirds, bees, and diverse species of butterflies brings her joy. Dana and her husband can now take more time to relax and enjoy their hard work.

Learn more about how you can get a Water-Wise Landscape Rebate or download and step-by-step guide on how to transform a section of your yard with the H2Overhaul Kit.

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