Staying more than a few drops ahead.

Because we live in a semi-arid climate, we must expect and prepare for periods of drought. The city continuously monitors water supply and balances storage levels with demand. Storage levels are affected by weather, the amount of snowpack and rainfall, stream flow levels, and other factors. Learn more about water supply and demand in English or Spanish.

Water coming down mountains graphic

Drought status:

No Drought Response

Water supply and current conditions indicate that there is no need to activate the Drought Response Plan at this time. Learn more about the stages of drought and other water-related facts from our FAQs.

Status indicating there is currently no drought response

Thornton’s Drought Management Plan:
Securing our water now, and for years to come

Thornton’s Drought Management Plan provides action-based guidance to respond to drought in ways that equal the severity of conditions. During droughts, Thornton can experience a water shortage that could require the community to reduce its water use. The plan also includes additional steps for reducing water demand and acquiring additional water supplies. Read the plan.

Water Use Rules and Watering Guide:
Water lean and still green

In 2021, Thornton incorporated permanent Water Use Rules into the City Code. Our new Watering Guide contains some of the new rules and provides a guide for watering up to three days per week. For complete Water Use Rules visit our Saving Outdoors page and get your Watering Guide.

Additional Drought Resources: